Dance styles we teach:


Ballet is the foundation of all areas of dance. Correct body alignment, flexibility and physical coordination will be stressed producing strong, clean dancers enhanced by artistic expressiveness. ISTD and selected RAD syllabus are taught for ages 3 to 103.


Limbering and stretching exercises will be taught, aimed at providing the young dancer with a solid foundation. Students will improve on technical skills through amalgamated moves and exhilarating and upbeat choreography. NZAMD Jazz syllabus is taught for ages 4 and up.


Learn stagecraft through the use of pattern & direction to develop rhythm and a basic understanding of musical knowledge. NZAMD and ISTD syllabus is taught.

Hip Hop:

This funky style of dance is taught by choreographers influenced by current trends in music video and popular street dance. Classes are available for both NZAMD exam syllabus and free style Hip Hop with our Canadian Hip hop teacher.


Contemporary dance expresses movement by using the whole body. It emphasises the use of gravity, movement, motion, moving on and off balance and suspension. A modern type of dance. Free classes are taught for ages 11 and over.

Christian Dance:

Christian dance students will learn the biblical principals for Dance Ministry and be trained and encouraged to use their gifts for the honour and glory of the king through outreach. Entry to this class is by prayer and interview.